The George Stanley Band Album Release is Here!

All the links you need.

For immediate press release, Paco Skiinoff Productions is proud to release “The George Stanley Band” his seventh album, “Section 8”

Hello all, here it is after a long wait, please enjoy and as always, comments are welcome.

Album Notes:
This years album, my 7th, is themed based on an experience a friend of mine had in which he was sent to a psychiatric ward for being, get this, slightly intoxicated, word is he got screwed by the RC’s but nevertheless, I got the call from him to “get me the “F” out of here” as he was released within 5 minutes of someone with authority arriving on the unit, so I was told. The other parts are from personal experiences as a youth.
Below are the links. Under those links are the 320k MP3’s which you can download with a right click or listen, your choice. ENJOY!

------------------------------------------- links.

1: Section 8

2: A Trip From Hell

3: Straight Jacket

4: Be Free

5: Loonie Bin

6: Baffoons

7: House Of Stone

8: Clown Mask

9: Dark Ring


320k MP3’s

1: Section 8…208.mp3

2: A Trip From Hell…ell.mp3

3: Straight Jacket…ket.mp3

4: Be Free

5: Loonie Bin…Bin.mp3

6: Baffoons

7: House Of Stone…one.mp3

8: Clown Mask…ask.mp3

9: Dark Ring…ing.mp3


Enjoy :D


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