the job is almost finished but...

I can’t hear nomore plug-in sounds

thanks to you my first n-track job ist amost finished but…
I’ve recorded different guitars tracks and as I played the guitar then I applyed a reverber plugin to the track and I could listen to it but at the end of the job I don’t know if I have made something wrong but the result it’s that if I choose a plugin for the track I can’t hear it, no reverber, no chorus…I heard always the guitar “dry” sound.
Any solution?
I can’t find also the volume master windows… I see just the mixer control panel…I remember there was a volume master windows but I can’t find it nomore.

Well, the master rotary knob is there on the mixer, top left, or you can call up the fader from the button down towards the left of the screen.

Re: your problem with plug ins - do you have them all turned off? there’s a little tiny button called “fx” at the top left of the timeline window, it should be green (on) and not grey (off). Is that it?

maybe you’ve right I’ll try soon your suggestion :slight_smile:
thank you so much

Well the master knobs and faders now have a seporate window… which I personaly think is a good idea. If you don’t find the buttons on top to bring them up… use the Tab button to get the track mixer, and use F3 to bring up the Master fader.

thank you all!!!
everything works good!! you’re the best online helper :slight_smile:
you’re very kind so… I ask another thing
I’ve recorded different sound tracks and now I want to record the voice but it would be better if I could change a little bit the tonality of all the sound tracks (I don’t know if the correct name it’s “pitch” or “transpose”) so it would be easier for me to sing and to record my voice.
I hope you understand what I mean :slight_smile:

You can alter the pitch in a number of different ways, but really if it is more than just a tiny little bit you’d be better off re-recording the stuff in a key that works for you. Things that have been pitch-shifted can sound pretty odd, if it is pushed too far.

Remember you can also modify the Master mixer view to show Audio/MIDI/Group tracks if you want. This looks like the “old” n-Track mixer. That’s the way I do it anyway… one button pops up EVERYTHING. Just right click in the mixer and check what you wanna see.