the look of 3.2x and up

hey guys, i have an archive of older versions of ntrack, and was
noticing the change in appearance, and how it got much 'cartoonier’
as time went on.

Im a big fan of the way it looks/is layed out in version 3.1.x, with
the no frills/extra colors stuff.

just wondering if any of you know if there is an option to turn off
the goofy skin style interface it has now (4.0.4 is what im using

I know there’s a bitmap file in the program directory for the keymaps, but I don’t know if you can just replace that with the old style button map. I think it won’t, as lots of buttons was added. Maybe between 3.1 and the change to 3.3 it will work.

Btw - I think it was changed to be more modern, and to fit into the WinXP style. When XP came out I didn’t like the ‘bubblegum cartoon’ interface, but grew to like it after a while.

**edited a little, as the previous lines that was here sounded sarcastic as I reread thm now, and I really didn’t mean it that way - sorry **

Regards !


The earliest version I’ve tried is 3.3, and I’ve found that I can get pretty close to that look, though like Wihan, I’ve gotten used to most of the 4.x look. There are a few options under File/Settings/Preferences/Appearance, e.g. turning off icons in menus, etc. If you like the Playback VU at the bottom of the screen like in 3.3, you can drag it there. Also, if you right click on the left “Track Bar” in the timeline, you can remove some of the new buttons next to each track (e.g. Track Freeze). You can remove the Mixer Strip Selection buttons from Track Bar as well by Right-clicking on the Mixer Strip (normally to the right of the Recording VU) and de-selecting “Show mixer strip selection in the timeline”. And after that, you can close the Mixer Strip if you want.

[edit: Just remembered–you can also customize (read: remove unwanted crap from) the tool bars by right-clicking on an empty area or some of the buttons and selecting “Customize toolbar”. This doesn’t seem to work for the transport toolbar. And if it’s the button shading you want to change, Wihan is right about the bitmap files…you can probably modify them to suit your tastes with a paint program if you know what you’re doing…]