The Moment

Acoustic guitar & vocals

Here is a new song we just finished

The first one "The Moment"

Not sure if we should add drums and other instruments or leave it bare as is…

I think this is the nicest acoustic guitar sound I’ve managed to capture. Mixture of DI and mic (NT1) and used some Kjaerhus compressor and chorus as well as SIR and TL saturated driver

Any feedback on the song or production is muchly appreciated.


Hi RichLum:
I don’t have… and as you know… a Hi-Speed internet connection… I have a “modem”… I have to do something about that… sorry…

But I see you have this Huge Magic guitar track… I’ll bet it sounds great It happens to most of us at some point-in-time… on a project… We come up with this track we don’t want to cover with any other track… for fear that this track will get lost in the final mix…

Now is the time that your “Producer/Arrainger Talents” will have to step up to the plate so-to-speak so all that nice work doesn’t get burried by some other lessersupporting instrument… and… don’t cover it up… I’ve heard of that happening… more than once… in fact, many times…

I’ve heard that when this happens it means that your creativity is “Pointing” you in a new direction… Well…



Hi Rich,

I always think it’s a good test of a song to strip it bare.
If it stands with just acoustic guitar and voice, it’s a good 'un.

This song does just that.

However, I think it would have much more impact done as a rock song. Start with the acoustic and bring the boys in at "And the moment has come…"

Nice one :)

I agree about the guitar sound too.


OK I’ve added drums and bass now put both versions here

( is taking ages to update songs lately)

I think I like it better with the drums and bass…


I think the acoustic guitar sound great - one of the best I’ve heard I reckon.

But, in this case the vocals just aren’t doing it for me yet, but I’ll give it a full critique after a proper listen.


Definitely like the V2 Rich.