The MOTU's here!  Now...


A’right! The booger’s arrived, and I’ve got it set up, but am into a snag. Anyone have any experience with the 1224? It’s running with the 324 PCI card.

I’m trying to use the 1224 with no outs or ins plugged actually into the interface- just the Audiowire- thinking I can access audio from files already in the machine, from n-Track or Cool Edit Pro 2. I’ve got the headphones plugged into the headphone jack.

I’ve gotten the drivers installed, and the PCI card in the machine, and ‘everybody’ seems to be happy. Now… how do I actually get this working?

-I call up the Cuemix window, and can’t seem to be able to assign any outputs- I keep getting a checked “None” when I attempt to create an assignment…
-The (what I’ll call the) ‘Routing’ window has apparently sparse information I don’t really know much about what to do with…

I don’t think I’m having a problem with the cables, they all seem to be plugged in to where they need to go.

So can anyone tell me briefly what I’m missing? I’m also going over to a couple other forums I frequent.

Thanks for your time!

I don’t have the MOTU 1224 but I do use 2 MOTU 2408s with the 324 card, so perhaps these comments could help. First, there could be a problem with the drivers even though everything seemed to install correctly. Hardware, driver, OS, and n-Track create a complex set of conditions, and everything might not play well together. So consider updating drivers or perhaps rolling back to earlier version. I had to revert back to an earlier driver version as the latest MOTU 324 drivers did not work with my set up, that is, no sound was output even though everything looked ok.

Let’s go through the set-up, though, to make sure that is ok. Boot the computer and open the applet called 324 console. In the boxes, select sampling frequency, clock source-- probably the 1224, and if you intend to use ASIO drivers, select number of samples, probably start at 512. Then in the drop down boxes, select your output routing. I’d try one of the analog outputs since that is what works for me. Also, click the box that enables legacy MME drivers as that will give you another option in n-Track. Click the refresh box, save the settings, and exit the applet. Open n-Track and select the preferences dialog. Click the drivers box and you should see 2 columns, the left colum listing the output choices, and the right colum listing the input choices. If the computer did recognize the MOTU drivers, they should appear in the list, ASIO,WDM, and MME. Try the WDM or MME driver with the same name as the ouput choice you selected in the 324 console. You will need to adjust the buffers setting for best performance but at least you should get sound going back to the 1224 headphone jack. Exit the preferences dialog and import an existing wave file. Hopefully, this info might help get you going.

Well here’s what’s happening:

The little LED’s labeled 44.1 and 48 blink back and forth when I turn it on, then after a few seconds the 44.1 is left blinking on it’s own. It doesn’t stop doing this.

In the MOTU 324 applet, there is no indication that the 1224 exists. The drop-down box called Configure is empty, the “Audiowire” indicator is “0”. So I’m way behind you, so far!

In Cuemix, there is no routing of anything- no channels labeled. It’s a blank template with the header, lines, an On/Off button and a fader. The outputs read “None” no matter what I do with it…which isn’t much! :D

I called tech support, and the guy there seems to think it’s my cable, as the MOTU device is recognized in the Device Manager, and is indicated as working properly.

Could this still be a driver issue?

It does sound like a driver issue to me. Have you tried a re-install? Also, the install sequence must be followed exactly as directed by MOTU, that is, install drivers before the 324 PCI card is installed in the computer. You might also try a different PCI card slot.

The blinking 44.1 indicator means that the 1224 box is not recieveing a clock synch signal via the Audiowire cable. The problem could be…

1. Audiowire cable
2. PCI-324 card
3. 1224
4. Driver loading but not operating properly.

Consider contacting MOTU about upgrading that PCI-324 to a 424. They had a deal going for a while where upgrading was DIRT cheap. The 424 has better routing options and such. It supports the “legacy” stuff and the new stuff so if you want to add-on later you are covered. I dunno if that’s something you want to look at but it’s a worthwhlie exercise IMO.


I’ll try ‘em all. Thanks Weekend’ and Diog’. I’ll try 'em all…

I went to MOTU tech support today (on the phone), and I’m advised, after a short uninstall-take-the-PCI card-out-install-put-the-PCI card-back-in-and- try it session, that the problem may be my motherboard. It seems the VIA chipset is not necessarily friendly to the MOTU stuff.

Also there could be a voltage issue, in that the 324 needs to be driven with 5v at the PCI slot. Don’t know if mine is 3.3 or 5. Doing the rest of the PCI ports may tell. Hey, if one of 'em works, I’m stopping! That’s what I want to do most in the world right now- stop it! :p

So I’m off to home to check it out. I may end up selling this thing off to a good home who can use it. You’ll need a P4… more later.

Thanks for the offerings, everybody!

Sloom, I checked some more… MOTU wants like 295 bucks to upgrade to a PCI-324 and that is IF you are a regiestered 324 owner. I have read where they extended the same deal to people who bought 'em used though…

What VIA chipset do you have? Ours is a VIA KT600 and it works great with the PCI-424 and 24io interface. The machine at church is;

AMD AthlonXP 2600+ CPU
ASUS A7V600-X Mobo
VIA KT600 Chipset
512 MB PC2700 RAM
ATI Radeon 9200SE Video
2 x Western Digital 8 MB Cache 80 GB hard disks
Lite-ON CDRW Optical drive for burning CD’s

It tracks 24 channels of 24/44.1 audio EVERY service with no problems. We DO have the PCI-424 card though…


Well I’m thinking maybe that’s the solution, the 424 card. $300.00 with the discount! I can maybe get the discount, but it still ain’t happening- not this month, and I don’t know if I can let this go for that long.

Tech support says the 324 doesn’t get to use Cuemix (and the other one I can never remember the name of!). I don’t need the applets- Cuemix and so on- and actually the previous owner says he didn’t use 'em either. I just need it to be recognized and routed through by my software! I have to admit I’m a little bummed at this point… The US-428 is gone, and I evidently had some homework left undone when I ran at purchasing this thing: I find now that the Via chipset evidently is an issue for the 324 card! The seller said he got it up on a friend’s machine (P4), and worked at it until he got it going on his Simpron(sp?) 2400 (AMD). I’ve asked him to send me the specs on his PC, but nothing comprehensive has shown up in email.

All I am understanding at this point is that “No one in the neighborhood” sees the hardware, except the Device Manager.

That’s it for my woes! :) I’m gonna have to figure out what the ####* I’m gonna do now. But hey- Attitude’s good! :)

Thanks for putting in the ‘head-time’, folks!

*Ahem… pardon!

I agree with TG that MOTU hardwear and VIA chipsets can work together. I also run an AMD Athlon 2400 with an older VIA chipset, a 266 or something. I run 32 tracks with very few problems. But my experience with the MOTU 324 card has been the older driver works, the one I downloaded from MOTU in 2003, but newer versions do not work in my system. So before you give up on MOTU and the 324 in particular, consider installing the old driver. If it is not available from MOTU (I couldn’t find it on their web site), PM me and I’ll email it to you. I know it will cost you a couple hour’s time, but it just might work.