The "Hammer" gets nailed

Sorry but I couldn’t resist

This made my day, heck it made my year! Delay the Hammer is not going to run for re-election and is going to resign in June.

He tries to blame his troubles on liberal Democrat’s but he’s the one who is at fault. This has been a LONG time coming.

His resignation is very interesting given the fact that he overwhelmingly won his Republican primary recently. Of course, anyone who’s followed this knows that Delay stepped down because of what happened last week:

- March 31, 2006: Tony Rudy, a one-time aide to DeLay, pleads guilty in Washington to conspiracy and promises to cooperate with a federal investigation of bribery and lobbying fraud.

The only thing that’s going to be better than this news, is to see Delay in jail. WhoooHahhhh!

Less than he deserves at this point, but a start. He should have been behind bars a long time ago. Time will tell.

The sad note here is his supporters in the House and his own district are equally corrupt for allowing him to run amuck. They should all be deported or traded for illegals who, at the very least, have values.

(I told you this year would start to heat up :) )

I sure hope this results in more problems for the band of crooks.

Either of you guys read Kevin Phillips’ “American Theocracy” yet? The last chapters on the “financialization” of the US are absolutely frightening. We need to get these crooks outta there now.


And Cheney while you’re at it. :)

I don’t dare to read that book :(

Read it - it will be apparent that the really really big problem is the financialization of our economy.

Kevin Phillips doesn’t hold much hope for straightening out the economy. Neither do I. His interviews have been interesting, not only from the standpoint of what he says, but who he is as well.

Read Sam Harris’s book. Well thought out and IMHO very accurate pertaining to religion and politics today. He is a must watch if you happen to see him speak on CSPAN ocassionally. He can talk forever, off the top of his head. Brilliant mind.


I want to qualify the “Neither Do I” statement.

Not that these economic problems couldn’t be solved…rather that to get the neocon group onboard would be impossible. Furthermore, most average folks and most all Senators and House Members have no idea what makes an economy work. Most of the later have never had a real working job (I’m not talking about paper pushing or lip service jobs) before politics. Most people work for someone else. Very few have run their own businesses. Small and medium size business owners have way more insite into the economy. They live it. John McCain for instance said the other day that the economy is doing fine. Clueless moron that he is.


Right on, KingFish.