The soundcard doesn't accept the required format

I have been using n-Track studio 2.3 (albeit an old version, but it’s an old computer) for many years, creating many good recordings. Today … I don’t know what happened, but every time I try to play a project, I get the message “The soundcard doesn’t accept the required format”. I go to ‘preferences’, then ‘wave devices’; I choose for both input and output “Realtek HD audio” (the default soundcard), press on “full duplex test” and get the error message “full duplex operation impossible”.

How can I rectify this? The program was working fine this morning.


You may have already tried these:
Create a restore point,
Check the control panel,
Is the sound card working?
Does the sound card have othe drivers to try?
See if the sound card driver need an update.
Did Windows doa recent update?

System restore to yesterday at 6am did the trick. Thank you very much!

Nice one Bax. Nailed it.


Nice tip. Moved.