The Storm AC on the Mic

Hello all,

Years ago around 2005, I downloaded n-track and started using it. It was a great program to use! I found a download on the n-track website for a song called The Storm by AC on the Mic. A few years ago I tried looking for this allusive AC on the Mic to no avail - I wanted to see what other kind of music he has made.

Years have gone by and I still listed to the song all the time as its made its way into my music collection and has always stayed. Now I’m thinking about making a movie for a few Arizona film festivals and am considering using the song if I can get permission.

SO! My question - anybody seen AC on the Mic anywhere? Or know of a name, email, website, facebook, twitter, irq, myspace(?), skype, or otherwise?


Send Flavio a PM, he might know who he/she is.


All I know is in this old featured artist page:

his email and website are no longer working, but there's a name and the state, so you might be able to track him down. Sorry I can't be of more help.