The supreme court

has outlawed halloween

Well not really. But the implications of this story is that they could.

Supreme Court rejects KKK Mask Case

Disclaimer: I am in no way supporting the KKK.

I’m sure most would agree that the KKK cowards should take off their hoods. But this decision does seem to be directed at the KKK and nobody else except for maybe guys like this.

aka: truth seeker

Actually, them wearing hoods and wearing all white represents the ghosts of the confederate army who had died in the civil war returning to strip minorities of their rights. They don’t wear the masks to cover their identity.

I’m also not supporting them…but them wearing masks doesn’t make them cowards. They are still a bunch of morons, though.

Do ghosts wear white then? ???

I thought it was a sort of pale mint chartreuse with vermilion highlights!

And why do Confederate ghosts wear hoods, especially pointy ones?

See! I thought the KKK was a bunch of racists, whereas the truth is, it’s really a Casper Glee Club! lol

All together now…(to the Micky Mouse Club tune)…


Casper ghost!
(Casper ghost!)

Casper ghost!
(Casper ghost!)

We’ll burn the blacks, bomb the jews,
fun for you and me!

Casper ghost!
(Casper ghost!)

etc., etc.,

Yeah, right! :laugh:

Although I agree with “morons” I think “cowards” also fits.


I was in Madison, Wisconsin in 1999 at the time the KKK were announcing they were going to have a march and demonstration down State Street. There was so much vocal and very public outrage against the march that the KKK were forced to cancel it. What’s even better, an anti-KKK march which was planned to take place simultaneously with the KKK march still occurred. Folks, this is the answer to unjust but technically legal organizations: enlightened members of the public rallying against them. The outcry stiirred up by members of the community in Madison was way more effective than any legislation would have been. I think areas of the country with a strong KKK presence need to follow suit.

By the way, I wonder how Ali Bin Gali will feel about all of you referring to his brothers as “morons” and “cowards.” We shall see.

:laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

Tak, I see enough hatred inspired marches in my own country.

In Glasgow and Liverpool (not to mention Ulster), we have the Orange Lodge Marches, i.e. “Loyalist protestants celebrating the liberation from the yoke of the Vatican”, also known as; "Let’s get drunk and parade up and down till the Catholics get angry enough for a real good fight!"

It seems that hatred is the only thing that allows some people to get a hard-on.

So, referring to the other topic, no, it’s not Americans I find amusing, but the whole #### species. :(

(Although, perhaps “amusing” isn’t the right word).


PS, as for Ali Bingallie’s reaction; could you believe; “I really don’t give a sh1t!”? LOL

However, despite Bingallies reluctance to express his/her own thoughts, and his/her penchant for quoting others, I must confess, I’d much rather talk to a conservative with a sense of humour, than to some of the like-minded, but sour-faced, liberals I meet! :D

Why do I have a strange sense that I’m going to be murdered?

Why ask why? :)

Why not?

Things that make you say, hmmm. ???

but them wearing masks doesn't make them cowards

Bullshit. If you're walking around in a mask intimidating people, then that's exactly what they are.

Errr…yep. Gotta agree with Willy on this one. Either they are extremely ugly, have an extreme light sensitive skin disease OR are just too stinkin’ scared to show their faces and be recognized. Come on fellas, I LIVE in the south and can remember when these idiots were allowed to set up roadblock fund raisers and have rallys out in the open. They were idiotic bigot moron chickens then and they still are.


I officially drop out of this argument… :)

I agree totally willy and gtr. I remember the “Fund Raisers”, (Does this tell my age?) Yes cowards, actually that may be to lite of a word for them, uh,…what’s the lowest creature on the face of the earth…look below that, ah, there’s the KKK.

How did we get from Halloween to KKK…holy moly I’m losing it this a.m.