The trouble with Nodes

Can’t touch that

Hi there,
I have troubles sometimes trying to work with nodes. In my image, I am NOT able to click on a node and move it. Weird. Sometimes I can, sometimes not. I do a right mouse click, click on Envelope, and it does not give me the option to Remove. What the heck? Is there a setting or something I am missing?

Unfortunately, the “click on node” function does not always work as it should.
I think this is because the same action selects or adds a node. Sometimes clicking on an existing node creates another node so close to the first that is is difficult/almost impossible to see the duplication at normal zoom level.
At the point where I suspect that that is the case, I mark/highlight the section where the node is located and Delete All Selected Nodes.
To set the nodes more efficiently Zoom in on the selection, it will work much better and will work correctly.

My Suggestion to Flavio has been that a separate Cursor be available for Envelopes on the Main Menu and that a double click be used to set a note and single click to select an existing one.
As the current method works when zoomed in where you can see the selection he hasn’t adopted the double click feature for envelopes. Another way he might correct his would be for the Cursor Tool Tip to display a message that says something like (existing node selected)

There is a new GUI in the works that may address some of these issues.

Also, you are using the Envelope right click menu to select the method aren’t you?

Yes I am using the envelope right click method to select the node. And yeah, good idea on the double click to set and single click to select. This was actually my first instinct of how this was supposed to work.

Additionally, when your mouse cursor hovers over a node, it should display that there is a node.

And yes I know what you mean about multiple nodes so close that it appears there is only one. and you need to ZOOM like a mad man to see them.

Thanks for the tips.

There’s a new GUI coming out? Oh man, I am just finally getting the hang of this one. The old saying… Feeling lucky? Update your software.