The Warming

Just at a conceptual phase, drum machine and 3 layers of guiatar for the main rhythm hook. Wondering if this could use some keyboards or could it stand on it’s own? Repitive so no need to listen to whole thing.

The Warming (concept)

Hey I like this…perhaps a pad but only to keep certain areas afloat where there is only one guitar…like at 0:00:29 where the music seems to drop out…maybe that’s what you are looking for, not sure. But great concept!

WoW StuH I just saw this post…

It makes me want to frickin’ hug a tree!

Seriously…It’s a Very nice sounding piece. I look forward to hearing it at completion as it has quite a bit of promise.


I wanna put in a real nice brushed drum kit with nice cymbal hits. Lead would either be acoustic mellow or harder edge blues licks. I’m up in the air with keyboard but some piano might be good if not to overdone. That high toned reverbed tele picking is really out of time so that will be next. This is casuing me some difficulty as I’m finding this part really hard to control.

Nice dreamy feel. I can imagine a lead with a lot of note bends. The key in this song will be to add variety without breaking the mood. If you have trouble with timing on the background guitar riff consider trying to get it just right for a couple of itterations, and then loop the segment.

I like the title. :;):


One of the guitar parts gives it some interesting texture. Keyboards wouldn’t be necessary IMO. You could do a little more layering and add some more reverb and delay to give it more texture. As is, it is a little reminscent of Eric Johnson’s texturing tones.

I think a softer sound for the drums (more reverb?) and also some more reverb for the backing guitars to make it sound more dreamy/floaty.

Maybe some pads/strings (but very low and just to fill out rather than be too noticeable…)

some nice ideas in there though


Indeed, quite a nice feel. Brushes would be a propos, i agree. With the length of the song, you might even be able to get away with trading solos between acoustic and edgy blues, if you felt daring. With the right lead parts, that would put the topper on a song that can “take you to that place.” Nicely done!