These new Juke Boxes are killing me!

Sorry, sort of OT, but for those of us who make some of our living from mixing, not really.

Just got home from rigging up for the evening. The venue is just around the corner so I have a chance to chill out at home for an hour.

Anyway, the whole state seems to have been taken over by these new juke boxes, the ones that have nothing in them, just an internet connection.

Sure, a great and wide choice of music, but how do I get my stuff on them?

I’ve never made any money from CD’s on juke boxes, but it’s been great promo for the bands, and that helps with bookings and developing the fan base.

In the past, it was always easy to persuade the owner of venues we work to put the bands CDs in the juke boxes.

Not any more.

Screw the Internet. :(

Just wait until XM or Sirius makes a deal with the cell phone companies… Every person in every joint will have their D$#N Bluetooth ear piece in and lip sync’in to different songs. Spastica fantastica… that’s what it will be.