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In the last couple weeks I have not had time to stop by here much. Seems I missed alot. Listening to all the new songs, and Small Hours, I must again say what an amazingly diverse and talented bunch you all are!

I had a been looking for a new amp for the last year. After trying a bazillion, my new Vox AC50CP should be here Wednesday. This has all the IOs and assorted be bells I had been looking for at a reasonable price. You can pickup the 50w head at Musiciansfriend for 549. So spank my clown and call me Rudy, I’m stoked.

Aren’t those supposed to do both the Vox thing and the Marshall thing?

Yes - I was just looking at reviews for it - folks seem to really love it - so why is it discontinued? OR is that just MF?

i’ll leave my hands off your clown, if you don’t mind.

Quote: (john doe's evil twin @ Jul. 12 2009, 10:02 AM)

i'll leave my hands off your clown, if you don't mind.

JDET, if I buy you flowers?

TomS these are being discontinued altogether. Somewhere I read that the parent company of Marshall also bought Vox. As I looked through the lineup of each I noticed both had pratice amps, then Vox jumps to mid-priced $800 to $1900, while Marshall started where Vox left off, going up. Maybe the parent is trying to thin the herd of similar priced items.

A ilttle searching on Dun & Bradstreet shows Korg is the parent company to both.


JDET, if I buy you flowers?

they'd better be carnations so i can score points with the wife.

The combo arrived Tuesday in good shape. Unpacking it I found it weights-in around 90 lbs. Plugging-in first time found the Standby switch was wired backwards, so if for no other reason it was going back. I did spend some time with it and:

The clean channel was dull. It wanted to sparkle, was on the verge but never quite made it to that Voxy clean sound. No matter what I did it was never really clean, always just about to breakup.
OD channel muddy, flabby, lack of low end definition. The only way I got anything good from this channel, with any guitar, was to play the neck pickup. This channel has a Fat switch and a Bright switch. The Fat sent this thing into Overdrive hell, sounding like a buzzy cheap pedal. Bet there is an Op Amp in the signal path. If the Bright Switch did anything I couldn’t tell.
The DI out worked as expected but got the same sounds/tones there as through the speakers.
Diming the thing…the wife said the nightly walkers where stopping in front of the house to have a listen…yeah it was loud, but it was fun.

I have a feeling that more then the Standby switch was miss wired. Sweetwater offered to replace or repair it. The thought of packing/unpacking and moving around a 90lb combo didn’t thrill me. Back it went, and back in the hunt for an amp.

Next up, Egnater Rebel 30 1x12.

That’s rough. Yours is the only review I’ve read that didn’t have only great things to say about the AC50CP. (except no tremelo and a couple of really minor things like footswitch defaults to on or some such tripe)
But then those reviewers don’t have your ears.

Perhaps you got a lemon. Then again, perhaps not. The Egnaters sound good in the local Guitar Satan, as far as I can tell over the din…