Time stretching compression on whole wav file



Very new to Ntrack. I did a search, but could not find what I was looking for,but I will keep looking.

I am trying to mix two wav files of a live performance. one track is an aud recording and the other a sbd. but they have slightly different times, one is stretched from the other. I can alighn the beginning notes, but as the song moves on they drift from each other.

How do I time stretch or compress a whole wave file?


You could try this - I have no idea if it will work. I would use Sound Forge to do this - However,
Load both files into n_Track. Check the properties - are they the same? If they are the same size and bit rate etc. then the problem maybe drift with your sound card. That is probably Not it. The problem is probably that the “clock” you are using is reading the two files differently. First go to Preferrences and make sure you are using the sound cards clock to set the playback and record. Did that fix it?
If they are not the same size or length and the sound card clock is being used:
See if you can convert both files to one file type - probably Wav would be best. If you are lucky the conversion will make them match.
Good luck. Let us know if anything works.

I second that, convert them both to the same file type.

if you don’t mind me asking what app. did you use to record an AUD file? aren’t those used for compressed forms of audio for video games? and the sbd file? that comes up as an Open Office File, never seen audio stored or recorded in that format.

What is interesting is that Ntrack played both of them, the aud I can understand Ntrack plays and converts just about any audio file on the fly…

I would look into that bit rate suggestion, you may just be dealing with a bit rate difference between two wav. files, your post seems to indicate you already converted them into two wav.s, the compressed forms at least of wav. are usually 44.1k.

all that aside and to try and answer the question, I think you can stretch the shorter wav. file in Ntrack (I have seen that option somewhere) however it does change the pitch of it, Bax may be suggesting Soundforge because their VST stretches without changing pitch…don’t know haven’t tried it although I have heard of pluggins that can do it.

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Or you could do what took me two months of spare time last summer. I needed to grid an old song from vinyl. It had an average bpm of 74 but drifted from 71 to 78. I chopped it into 128 bits. Good job it was only for a reference guide for voc’s, cause it sounded rubbish.