time, synchronization?

hi all, thanks for any input… i am having trouble with time between tracks in ntrack… i’m sure i’m not the first to experience this: i create the first tracks, two mono tracks, and then record another two on top of those… however, when i return to listen, the tracks are so out of time with one another, that i have to spend the next 20 minutes just lining them up… this is now happening consistently and is not a performance problem… the most recent was this evening… i created a very simple drum pattern in fruity loops, then exported three stereo 16/44.1 files to ntrack… i then recorded a simple keys part on top of that as 24/44.1… when i listened to the result, everything sounded fine at the beginning… but the tracks’ timing began to drift apart as the song continued… by the end of the song, there was probably a half second difference between the tracks… anyone have an idea why this happens?.. if i can’t figure it out, i fear that i’m going to move to a competing product…

thanks for your time!


If it starts off in time but then drifts as the song progresses it might be either
a) You’re using an SB Live nad need to set the sample rate to 48000
b) In the N-Track preferences set the timer to use the soundcard timer instead of the system timer


thanks for the reply rich!.. i’ll have to try your suggestions once i get home this evening… i am indeed using a sb card, but it is an audigy 2 nx… and since you mentioned it, i believe that when i mixed down the fruity loops, i was using the onboard card… i’m still not up to date on the math involved with sample rates and what not, though i certainly do have an understanding… both cards were set at 44.1k sample rate, but is is possible that the timing between the two cards is that different?..

thanks, again!


Avoid LISTENING to one soundcard while RECORDING with another. Also avoid RECORDING through two soundcards at the same time.

There are solutions for both these situations if they’re necessary (sometimes, depending on the hardware). But best to avoid it.

There is no problem recording on one soundcard, and then playing that back through another soundcard while recording on that other soundcard (as you did here).

First, though: Make sure you’re using the latest drivers from the soundcard manufacturer’s website. The ones on the disk with the soundcard are generally out-of-date. Also follow Rich’s suggestions above. If that doesn’t do it, come back because there are a few more settings to try.

Also, when you select the soundcard, select the ASIO driver if there is one. If not, select WDM. Only use MME if neither of the others are there (or for some reason they don’t work right).

Finally, for Creative Labs cards, I believe there are different driver sets – hopefully someone will post with the details. Something like “kx” versus some other version. This is the case for SBLive; I don’t know whether it’s the case for Audigy.

I believe the Audigy works fine in either speed, but I’m not sure. Hopefully someone will chime in with the facts here.

I have had problems with sync using 44.1 with my Audigy. My latest recording, using 48 did not exhibit any sync issues and I have 10 tracks thus far.

As far as I know, but I could be wrong, the Audigy is just like the SB Live in the sense that it is ONLY 48k sample rate internally, converting any oteh sample rate to 48k and back on the fly. If that’s the case then Audigys will probably show the same sync issues when doing 44.1k as the SB Live does.

I think syn707’s experience backs this up.

I love Creative… ???

thanks for the responses!.. the problem “seems” to be resolved… when i saved the tracks from fruity loops, i had the soundcard set to the another soundcard… now, here’s a retarded question - does fruity loops process through the soundcard when saving to a wave file?.. i set the soundcard in fruity loops to the audigy, then saved as 16/44.1 waves… then using a creative product that was packaged with the audigy, i converted to 24/96 waves… my new audio tracks were recorded at the same resolution and sample rate, and everything seemed to be fine from that point… maybe the 96 rate worked because it’s a multiple of 48 (to which many of you referred above)?.. until other strange things started to happen… like intense “squeals” while running ntrack in play mode… it wasn’t feedback, because it happened while i had all mics off and only a keyboard plugged in directly… then, on some tracks, i heard “gunshot” sounds while adjusting eq settings… that sound sounded very much like spring reverb… has anyone else ever heard such?..

also, jeff, i only use the audigy for recording audio, when in fruity loops, i sometimes build the sequences using the onboard card simply out of convenience… but i guess that i need to use the same card for exporting waves from programs like fruity loops?..

phoo and syn, so the card intenally handles everything at 48k?.. then my 96k samples are being recorded at 48, then pushed to the computer as 96k?..


Doesn’t make sense to me, idover. It shouldn’t matter what soundcard you monitor through when building loops, and it shouldn’t matter what soundcard you have selected when you mixdown (since mixdown is a purely mathmatical process that has nothing to do with the soundcard). It may be that the app sets some options like sample rate & bit depth based on your current soundcard settings (n-Track does that). But these are just defaults, not cast-in-stone settings and you can override them. Furthermore, they shouldn’t have anything to do with a sync problem.

Mysteries abound! Just proves that I don’t understand everything that’s going on. Like we needed proof!