Time to Build a new DAW

Hi all - I’m a dusty old time user of N-Track, from the very earliest days of digital recording. N-Track is such an awesome piece of Software, @FlavioA ! Congratulations on the results of decades of hard work!

In my situation, the company that made when my 8 ch A/D converters, which at the time were the most expensive part, went belly up, there were no more driver updates. So some time around 1999, I decided to remove the internet connection and freeze this Windows 95 relic in time! It has worked with the reliability of a toaster ever since!

Well, fast forward 22 years later and my old Tascam mixer died. :frowning:

I’ve been looking at the mixers today and I am strongly considering a digital unit, like the Mackie Onyx or the Tascam units, which give all the analog controls but will send 24 tracks to a shiny new version of my beloved N-Track.

Given that back in the day I had to build a hot rodded, overclocked, somethin or other, what is required on a DAW today? I want to build it with the computational power to handle like 24 inputs in 24bit/96Hz, so that it will last into the next millenia! Does anyone have any insights into what is important in a new DAW?


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I am much in the same boat and was disappointed that no one responded.

Dear One s.I am. beginner.to use DAW.yet.all.my wishes for your .search…be fullfilled…Good wishes…DrNanda

I just bought a new computer, and it is made a Hugh improvement. I got an ACER Predator with an Intel 11 generation I7 CPU and a SSD 1000 TB on the board. Lots of USB 3 ports. I also got a Focusrite 8 channel that run from USB : about $550. Lots of improvements and it is so quiet compared to my old AMD FX 8 core. About $1000 for the dest top PC with Window 10 with a free upgrade to Windows 11 and lots of other software
Solved a lot of Plug-in problems.