Time to praise ...

… Flavio of course !

Over the last couple of months, I’ve been working on the registration of a kids-choir in a local church. This was my first big job : 50 kids, 4 adults, flute, oboe, synth, guitar, bass, “accordeon”-whatever-that-is-in-english, synth-drums (ran out of time for dubbing the real thing).

… A 65 minute CD is now being pressed - for presentation to the public on 22/04/2005 !

All this with (and only with) :
- N-Track 4-point-something built 1744
- the Kjaerhus plugins
- Wavelab Lite
- Nero Express Burning

Praise Flav : this program has it all ! :D And I still have the vast majority of my hair ! :p

Congrats Ludo! Pop the top on a cold Pepsi and bask in the afterglow.


Good stuff Ludo!

Sounds a challenging task was kept in order!



Aimanappyman ! 500 produced - 224 sold since 22/04/2005 …

It doesn’t sound like it will ever top the charts, but being extremely low budget, I think the expectation wet met (and more) !

So, err, when do we get to hear some samples? :;):

Quote (Ludo@Home @ April 28 2005,14:34)
Aimanappyman ! 500 produced - 224 sold since 22/04/2005 ...

I need to start writing some Christian music... ???

Ya those are decent numbers Ludo, congradulations!

Ya those are decent numbers Ludo, congradulations!

Hey Tom, nice avatar! :wink:

Ludo, im wishing too hear some demo of your work since you comment about it a year? ago.

Please … eeeuuhhrrr … tell me how to get it on here … or if anyone volunteers to host a few samples …

… but please bear in mind it is my first “real” work, a low budget thing, with an amateur kids choir 6-12 years old …

An easy way is to go HERE and sign up for a free account. This place is hosted by our very own Pasher. Rip a song or two or whatever to mp3 or wma and upload them to the site. Then come back here and post links where we can go listen/download. I think Pash gives you something like 20MB of space with the free account and his pay accounts are very reasonable. 20MB should hold three or four 3:30-4:00 minute tunes depending on how you encode them in mp3 or wma format.


OK - here it goes, you’ve asked for it … on your own risk …

Extract of songs

But as I said earlier :
- this is low budget
- choir of mainly young amateur children (6-12 year) and equally amateur adults (ha ha ha … I believe some of them can actually read notes …)
- song as they have been singing over the last 25 years, I wasn’t allowed to re-model them too much.
- my first “real” work

These are smaller extracts as I don’t want to bore you with the songs :p … and I’m note sure if I can legally do this … :O

“Piano of Forte” : pretty happy with this - customer wanted the “piano and forte” to sound like it does (silent & louder) but I don’t like it.

“We hebben allemaal wat” : like the banjo here

"Zoektoch naar geluk" : wanted to demonstrate the solo voice in the beginning

"Finale" is a bit of my own : closure of the CD - consider it as my signature. Wanted something “grotesque” without overkill.

I can get away with quite some critics -if just :angry: - and I’m looking forward to “learning”. We all started somewhere …

Have fun (eventually) …


I dunno, it sounds pretty decent to me. So what did you use to record. Details details details… Is this all MIDI, live, what samples/soundfonts did you use if it is MIDI? How did you record the voices?

Hey Ludo, thanks for sharing some of your work! I liked it. The “FINALE” bomb is very impressive, it really sound good and creates a nice ambient. What library you used?

About Children’s music, i like very much the “Forte of piano”, the “tuba”? and the voices play very nice! It make me remember “The sound of music” with Julie Andrews and Von Trapp family…
I also liked the other two music, is a pitty i cant understand them, BTW, what did you use in the “Zoektocht naar geluk” a “Theremin”?

Thanks guys ! :D

Nearly all of the voices are synthesized on my Yamaha S90 and with a “good-ole” analog plugin board (the latter being a hard nut to crack - but it did the tuba and the voice on “Zoektoch naar geluk”-with only some phasing applied afterwards).

The only live voices were the guitar, flutes, bass, accordeon, oboe (I believe only the bass has gone on these samples).

All was recorded with NTrack and the Classic plugins only.

Thanks Marce for your too kind credits :laugh:

The Finale was made with the S90 - with no other libraries.
I layered a couple of “brassy” instruments for doing the main melody.
For the cymbal run, I just took a “china-sample” from the S90, which I time-stretched a bit, and lowered by half an octave or so.
Both the timpany and cymbal got quite some reverb.

Instruments were recorded with SM57 and Samson QMic with some “home-made-pants” filters.
The children were recorded with a Samson Audio C02M stereo pair with no filters.
I’ve an M-Audio Audiophile 2496, an M-Audio Delta66 and the Omni I/O preamps.

Hey Ludo - I’m going over to the site right now to check it out…

Are you from Nederland ?
I didn’t realise 'till I saw some song titles…
I love Dutch/Belgian music. There’s something about the ‘poetic sound’ of the Dutch language that’s amazing. (BTW, Afrikaans, my native toungue is very close to nederlands, so it’s not a far stretch to like/understand the music).
My Fav’s are Volumia, Stef Bos (he’s got a soft spot for SA as well) , Herman van Veen and a little Dana Winner, as well as a couple of misc others…

I’m working on a couple of Afrikaans tunes, and was worried that no one on the forum would understand it, but now there’ll be at least one that’ll be able to get the idea behind it.

"Goeie wense van iemand in 'n land wat eers 'n Hollandse kolonie was"


Wel, ik ben van Belgie - maar dat is dicht genoeg …
En ik vind Zuid Afrikaans een zalig taaltje !



Belgie sou my tweede keuse wees …

Jammer vir het fout.

Zalig inderdaad !

Gaat je wel (Is that right ?)



P.S. If I’m not mistaking, Stef Bos is from Belgium, yes ?

Quote (Ludo@Home @ May 03 2005,04:17)
Nearly all of the voices are synthesized on my Yamaha S90 and with a "good-ole" analog plugin board (the latter being a hard nut to crack - but it did the tuba and the voice on "Zoektoch naar geluk"-with only some phasing applied afterwards).

That yamaha s90 really look nice...