Tina sings LUCKY (Mraz cover)

lo-tech, high-learning project

My Pen Pal from China sang her favorite song to my voice mail (WeChat app).

I saved it as a .wav
Downloaded the original Jason Mraz/Colby Caillat audio in the key of C.
Tina sang it a capella in C#, so I pitch-shifted the track up to match.
Center-channel-cancelled the original vocal.
Normalized for more consistent level.
Her timing was very close, so it took just a little bit of sliding of each phrase to hit the musical beats correctly.
She sent only about 30 seconds of the song.

YouTube won’t take audio w/o video, so you get to see stills of Tina (Luo Zhao Yang) dissolved in Windows Live Movie Maker. It’s posted as private, so I think you can view it with this link:

Tina sings LUCKY

Sorry, Robert. Private. Won’t play.

I changed status to Public.
Does that work now?