to many monitors

help me decide

I am looking at getting monitors in the near future. I have been scanning the forum and found a few ideas. For $400 price range I found a number of what appears to be decent active near field monitors. Keep in mind I have very little knowlege in this area so it is difficult for me to compare. Can someone point me in the right direction so that I can avoid making a bad choice. A consumer report for monitors would be great :)

Behringer Truths (2031) get high marks for cheep- around $299 new. Get powered mon’s. And, there are so many out there, that if you do a little homework and get what you can afford, you’ll be allright. You’re going to have to learn to use what you have no matter what you get anyway!

I got Fostex PM0.5’s, and would have gotten the Berrys… but I get a nice mix out of the Fostex. Theyr’e good boxes, no complaints. I have to watch the bass a bit, since the bass response is a tad weak on 'em. See? It’s always something unless you can spend a thousand or two.

Don’t sweat too hard over it, you’ll be fine.

Thanks Sloom. I think I will look into the Behringer Truths. I notice they are always at the top of the list on most sites as being popular. They do not look bad either.

Good shopping!

Audition as many speakers as you can in your price range. Take some music you are very familiar with to listen to. Don’t be hung up too much on powered/un-powered. Just get the best sounding combination you can afford.