Toasting Reggae, anyone?

We used to (79-83ish)gig with a set-up called ‘Rock Against Racism’. Two tribes, spear-headed by Aswad and Exodus. In the UK, before Hip-hop and Rap, there was ‘Toasting’ - a drummer, or/and a mouth beat-boxer, bass, or/and organ, maybe the odd guitar and random dancer, some dude recking vinyl on a Ficsher Price turntable and stylus(nail) and a geezer ranting prophetic street poem.
Does this sound familiar to anyone? I remember seeing the odd photographer knocking around but I can’t find much on the web - apart from a load of politic bollox.

What is it you want Tony memories or photos or facts?
I always found reggae a bit inpenetrable, but i do remember toasting, sort of a echo heavy early Jamaican rapping style over a heavy dub beat.
i heard that story about the reggae toaster who took it to Queens & it turned into rap music. I remembered the place name cos it was where the ramones were from & thats what i was into. Still am!
I knewa guy when i lived in the East end of London who did it. his sound system was colossal, I’m sure he built his speaker cabinets so big just for show to outdo his rivals!


Johnny Ramone signed my forehead. :)

Aye, Tina! "Big Days In The Norf - Oosh"
It’s sad to have to dig so deeply into an apparently inpenetrable world - on the surface, the whole scene is largely forgotten. I was just going through a few old gig tapes and another Google.

You still in touch with your guy???

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Johnny Ramone signed my forehead.

Oh my goodness! Johnny Ramone wrote his name on your forehead!
can you post a picture of your forhead? i havent been this excited for ages!
i so wanted to name my children Johnny, Joey, dee Dee & Tommy but i only had 2.
That useless husband of mine!

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You still in touch with your guy???

cant even remember his name, only the size of his speaker cabinets!


Sadly, Tina, I cannot. It was a show in Ann Arbor, at the Second Chance, 1981? I was a young college student and did not consider how my heroic youth might have been worth recording so my older self could appreciate it a bit. ???