today's effort

It is what it is!

…thought I’d better return the favour!..

Could only listen on laptop speakers this morning though…so no bass!

I’m surprised you haven’t had more commercial success Tom. Man, your sound and style is so…YOU. Good stuff!

Are those your jangly Ricks you said you were going to send me to ‘try’?? :laugh: I’m pretty sure you said you were bored with them… :laugh: Want my address for them? :laugh:

Hi TomS and spreadercraig:

I agree…
Those guitar tracks are so right for you TomS and the energy you create with-in your material…

They are very signature to your material… Your creativity is alive-and-well…


5 guitars in this one. 2 strats playing the same thing panned hard left and right, the taylor classic electric on single coil up the middles, and the taylor for the 2 guitars playing the “solos.”

Nice comments, yes, I write great stuff - for 1982. :laugh: I’m just happy to be able to get a few minutes to write and record. Sure miss playing out. Family comes first, however! :)

Many thanks for the listens! :agree:

the man with a thousand guitars! well in his songs anyway

i thouht the guitars sounded great they couldnt have been done with a amp sim surely?

i hope i know you well enough now to say i thouht the first part of the vocal
sounded odd ,then it changes & sounds normal. there are 2 distinct vocal sounds do you know what i mean? the first is a bit sort of fuzzy & really in your face i dont know if its an effect youve used or what. you obviously intended it to be like that

i really dont know how you knock these out so quickly & such high quality!


Thanks for the listens, my friends!
Tina, the effect is the filtering caused by cupping my hand over the mic.
Intended, entirely.
Old EV 635 mic that I’m using for everything.
I dunno about quality, but as long as one does not sweat quality or variety or interest, well, it’s easy to write the same song over and over.
I had to do a whole song b/c I did not get to play all week, and I won’t get to play again until wednesday afternoon, I think.
Horrible time here.
Too much work, too many family problems.
Need some release occasionally!
How do you write songs, Tina?
Also - you saw Craig who made one of the comments?
You want quality?
that man is a genius.
I say that with total sincerity.

Lots of guitars…I once read that on the Sex Pistols LP they overdubbed a whole bunch to get that sound.
No, these were not amp sims, just a little vox practice amp into a power soak.
I like the sound of the strat through it, but it doesn’t come out in the recording - a real whipping sound with the bell quality you get from a strat.

Next I’m going to try to write a Cheap Trick like song.
Bought a CD of Heaven Tonight, after our conversation about Rick Neilsen…have not heard the album for years, but I memorized playing along with it on my crappy little record player in 1978 - every note on it is entirely familiar - if I go senile and start hallucinating music, I have a feeling that it will be this album.
Although it might be Foghat.

Sorry to hear things are dificult for you at the moment Tom
i write with sarah & we are lucky we get such great lyrics to work with from allison. herlyrics are so full of humour so clever & always tell a story it makes writing a song fun
really look forward to hearing your cheap trick song!
you must tell me what a power soak is & how to use one please


A power soak is this thing you plug your amp into (tube amp, that is - dunno what it would do with solid state), in between the amp and the speaker, and you crank the amp but all it puts out is a little tiny bit so the speaker is really quiet. It’s a way to drive the amp but only have low volume out. You get most of the effect of a hard-driven amp, but not any of the volume. It’s almost as good as just cranking it full out, although you don’t get the same behavior from the speaker at low volumes that you do at high, but I can’t really crank my amp at 8:30 AM. You know the sound on Boston’s first album, the distorted guitar? Power soak. Also the first Van Halen, i think. Probably lots of others, too, I just don’t know. Here’s some info:

lots of info here:

Quote: (TinaM @ Nov. 06 2010, 9:35 PM)

Sorry to hear things are dificult for you at the moment Tom




Crying the BLUES..

Sorry folks..

I'm being smrt..

Just keep up the nice work..


Yep, just whining a bit, but in truth we’re hitting a bad patch…hopefully nothing the miracle of medication won’t more-or-less solve… ???

Hi TomS:
I’d say that song writing and tracking and all for you is like therapy… Splitting from the routine is maybe, not a good idea… I may not have been aware…

The family is navigating rough waters and a medical crossroads… Sorry TomS… All will get better…


Yep, it’s therapy, totally! :agree:

The great philosopher Wittgenstein said the same thing about philosophy, incidentally, and I’m pretty certain he was correct. :)


Nice comments, yes, I write great stuff - for 1982.

Hey Tom - that beats me by at least 10 years!!!

Wonderfully done young man.

Mike, I’d say 8 or 9, tops. ???

Poppa, I have my 2nd retort, but you won’t hear it until Saturday or Sunday, but I thought I’d warn you. :laugh:

well golly gee and goldurn… I see no end in sight… gimme a clue so I can spend some time on my re-re-retort this time.

Well, it’s very very very short.

I can only imagine… I got a feeling it’s gonna be less than a Bar, in length… Just guessing…


Wittgenstein had no knowledge of tracking.