Today's inspiration

or perspiration, or

…contra-indication, or expidification, or…whatever:

I splurged and got JamStix. What a program. Unbelievable. Way too complex for my neurons. Gonna figure it out or else. But I did manage to use it for this song:
Buddy’s Big Green Van - click here!

I bought a new toy as well today… an M-Audio DMP-3. But I’ll have to wait till the Fedex guy delivers it sometime next week. I think I downloaded the demo to Jamstix a good while back, and though it looked like fun, it did seem it would take me a while to figure it out well enough to make it do what I wanted. Hey, the main reason I bought ntrack to begin with was it was the first program I tried that I could actually record without studying the manual. I’ll have to check out the van when I get a chance, Tom.

Thanks, Kevin!

Another fine tune T - Guess we won’t have to tell you to bring the drums up no mo huh?

Nice job! Made my toe tap on my wooden leg!

jamstix? traitor!
ha! just kidding, of course. you surely didn’t swear allegiance to a drumset, anyway.
this song is quite catchy. well done!
your contribution to the contest, mt. cyanide, has grown on me too. I like the totally different approach you took. I’m a sucker for that kind of stuff. must be the Portland in me.

Just listened on lo-fi. I liked the songwriting better than the drumming. I’m downloading it so I can get a better listen, but my first thought was a question. Why didn’t you enter this one in the contest?

Bang it in the contest man!

I agree about the drumming, Kevin, it’s not quite groovy and lots of the fills are messed up. But…I can see the potential once I master JamStix. It seems able to produce stuff that’s about as groovy as it gets short of a real drummer.

And I didn’t enter it in the contest b/c I wrote and recorded it yesterday. :) Besides, I don’t want to crush your entries with the weight of too many of my many highly adequate songs. :D

I wasn’t knocking the drumming as much as praising the songwriting. It’s like photographs of another time. A good song. And yes, highly adequate.

I checked out JamStix and the interface looks great. How’s it feelin’ to you?

The interface? It’s not 100% intuitive. But then it’s not a simple drum machine. I think that if I can master it, it will produce superior drum tracks.

Hey - good songwriting! Then again, I tend to like your uptempo stuff, so I’m an easy target. Had to listen to “…Kantian” yet again after hearing this :O)

The triple/quadruple/whatever WHYs are a really nice touch. I’m gonna remember that & steal it whenever I can use it

The drums are a little busy and the fills are mostly weird, but now & then they’re good too. I like the little fills @ 1:27 & 3:45

Who stole the low end of the bass? Wasn’t me…

I stole the low end. I can’t get bass to sound right. “The fills are mostly weird.” Yes, that is exactly the way to describe them!

I think I will take more time that I usually do and try to get the drums and bass right.

Thanks mucho for listening. :agree: