Today's Labour of Lobe

Little joke there. :slight_smile:

Because there aren’t enough songs about philosophers (and if you guys know any, list 'em!) - the song is called “Everyone’s a Kantian” - in honour of my diss advisor:


I didn’t even miss a bridge :)

Just listened to it again. Attaboy, Immanuel :)

Bridges are for pantywaists.

I’m sort of insulted, Jeremy didn’t respond to the last song, which I wrote with a bridge especially for him. :)

Das Ding an sich (Jerm, in this case) :)

Whats a Kantian?

Quote (teryeah @ Feb. 02 2007,20:59)
Das Ding an sich (Jerm, in this case) :)

But not Dasein, I guess. :)

Catchy tune! And there’s a history lesson packed into each one :) I’m now going to have to expand and say “I learned more from listening to Zappa and Spademan than I ever did in grade school.”

You mean your primary education didn’t feature units on Heideggarian vs. Husserlian vs. Sartrean phenomenology?

I <3 Heidegger. For the record, teaching Heidegger to gradeschoolers frightens me.

"Ok kids, today in crafts we’re going to make a gestell!"



It’s possible I could have been sleeping… :)

Quote (TomS @ Feb. 02 2007,20:56)
Bridges are for pantywaists.

I’m sort of insulted, Jeremy didn’t respond to the last song, which I wrote with a bridge especially for him. :)

Hey don’t feel bad Tom,
I posted 3 new songs I spent a year compiling here a while back with not so much as a cricket chirp!

They were the highlight of my musical career to date! ???

IT least you got a response! :p

I don’t know if I am a Kantian, I consider myself more of a Karaite, but if the two are not in conflict I suppose I could be.

He don’t go changing your musical format just for me, I am a mere toadstool on the tree of musical enlightenment, not even worthy of a response by my peers!

Do like the song, regardless of it’s generalization and stereotypical underverse.
Although, if we include everyone, thats not to stereotypical I guess.

Hey did you ever post the song with the "keep shinin’ " in it?

keep shinin’

jerm :)

Dang, I forgot to post that song. Will do ASAP.

give us your link again.

Quote (TomS @ Feb. 06 2007,18:53)
give us your link again.

Are you talking to me?

If so, never mind...

I have since re-vamped the tunes anyway for the studio work I talked about before...

So most of the comments that could be said for them have already been addressed in forums from people who cared! lol :p

And I have long since made the adjustments that make them more listener friendly. :;):

It is the thought that counts though Tom, and better late then never I guess....

I am compiling scratch tracks for the studio now though with the new arrangements which will include the studio drum tracks via another party, so I suppose I could post them as they are finished.
But under the pretense of people understanding that the tracks are scratches the most they could comment on is arrangement and musical technique and not recording tips.
perhaps I will post just to share again none the less.

keep shinin'

jerm :)

Yes, post again to share. What do I know about music or recording anyway? I just want to hear the songs.


IT’s on the bottom…

Little icon that has WWW"S in it.

Those three were the closet to completed works, but as I said before much has changed since then…preparing to do them justice fortwith in a fortnight.

keep shinin’

jerm :)

####, Jeremy, I never pay attention to those funny little buttons on the bottom! :)

Gonna go listen now. :D

Well, I hear nothing wrong with the drums you have. Your new arrangements will have harmonies for the vocals? Whatever you did differently for the vocals on Chemistry, they sound more energetic than the first two songs, and sit in the mix better. They are also in a better register for you.

Why do you want to redo the drums?