Toolbar crash

I have been running 6.0.2 for a while and have customised the toolbar, so that I can see the zoom buttons (my screen is too small to see them without doing this). When I installed 6.0.3 this morning the toolbar was as default, so I could not see all the zooms buttons. When I went to customise the tool bar, the program crashed. I tried again and got the same problem and have now backed out to 6.0.2. Can anyone advise me, please? thanks John
PS I am on XP home

I’ll check it out John.

Confirmed toolbar edit leads to crash!

Thanks for reporting that John - I sent a report.


The customize command caused the crash when selected from n-Track View/Toolbars main menu.
It worked selecting it in the popup menu that appears right clicking on a toolbar.
The crash is fixed in build 2450 which should be online in minutes.


Thanks guys… John