Toolbars and Layout

Hey Flavio,
When can we get a reset command (button) to return the workspace to original format. Or better yet, have a way to save certain workspaces under some type of preference and a reset if you screw it all up.

I screw my workspace up quite often and have to delete the two files to reset it to default. This can be quite cumbersome. I often get rid of certain elements and move things around for my own comfort. Then I’ll accidentally click something and it will all go off kilter and I have to reset it and start fresh.

I realize that this is addresses to Flavio, but my curiosity has gotten the better of me: What is the workspace you are referring too? I don’t see a setting for Workspace anywhere in the menus. If you have a chance,could you fill me in?

Okay. When you open n-track for the first time, you have the following:
Recording VU meter to the left
Playback VU meter to the right
Individual wave files on top / center
Slider of active wave to the left of that.
Record / playback controls bottom / center
Sliders for tracks nestled between controls and wave files.

Now what I will eventually do is move things around or close something either by accident or on purpose. If you do so accidentally, there is no way to return the desktop to the original configuration (which is what I use most of the time). The only way to go back to the default desktop is to delete the n-track layout and configuration files in the appdata folder. Of course doing so will require that you reset your audio as well.

Now that I am using multiple monitors, it would be nice to have a preference where you could save your desktop layout (with certain items open / closed) as a preset much like I do with some of my game HUD’s. Of course having an option to reset to default is the most important to me.

I hope that explains it more in detail and what I would like to see. However, I am only on my second cup of coffee. :p

Here’s a better example bax.
I go to my buddy’s house for a jam session. (he uses v.5.x)
After a few rounds of both music and beer, the decision is made to take a break.
During the break he says “go play x track from last week” and I do.
However, during the mix my setup looks different so I open and dock say the main mix.
Once we go back to recording, he looks at the desktop and is lost and begins to curse me for messing up his desktop. Would be nice if there was a reset button so I wouldn’t have to hear him bitch so much.

This would also be a compelling reason for him to upgrade.

If I am interpreting this correctly: it sounds liike you are saving the sessions under the same name. When you save the song ( the .sng file) it also saves the layout. If you. Don’t save or save As with a new neme each name should load the layout associated with the mane/mix/workspace. I can’t be certain about version 5 but I thing that works in either 5 or 7. Anyhow, give that a try. Im courous if this works.
Also, if you don’t load your buddies mix, but open the sound files using the file > file import. You can create a completely new mix without ever opening your buddies mix. Open ntrack, start a new song with File> save as and create a new name for your mix. Import the sound files and mix away. Your buddies mix / layout will never be touched.