666 members. We’re all doooomed :)


Doomed to tracking audio..


667 now…looks like we dodged a bullet. ???

phew :p

Quote: (ange @ Feb. 16 2010, 2:12 PM)


The Silver Bullet
:p hehe

The Silver Bullet Band!

Hi TomS and All:

Look at those ticket prices, on that poster…
Someone do the search of that calendar date…
What year was that ????




have you ever sent a file wiht a list of your friends’ names, and its size aappeared to be 666 bytes?

Paper writing

Why do you have a link to a plagiarism website, ax1s?

Oh I remember the first time we reached 666 members (two or was that three board crashed ago?)

Oh the 90’s, good times people, good times,
:agree: that was the good Ole days, less trolls and more sincere people you could get into a good debate with, about just about anything! oh and then there was that green fella, what a card, guys would throw mud-pies about everything from religion to politics and then when someone got overheated switch the conversation to exchanging cooking recipes like nothing happened!..YEP good times!

keep shinin