so I’m playing with build 1826…

Why was 1825 like 30 mb and 1826 is back down to 5 mb?

What IS the navigator for?
it just looks sort of like the timeline by dividing into how many tracks I have vertically, but it doesn’t show anything else?

the program seems to record and playback again. 1825 would crash on me when I tried to record anything.

I don’t play with midi much yet so can’t say it does anything.

I’m recording 16 tracks right now to see if it quits after like 5 minutes like it usually does with my Echo Layla 24/96. cross your fingers :)

the cpu usage is good. about 7 % on normal, and 1-2% using the fractional method

doh! it stopped at 2:18.04. I’ll try it again without doing other things, but not a good sign :)

:blues: Dump that one, and try build 1827 :D
Build 1827 - Monday, April 18, 2005
Fixed crash when copying to clipboard a MIDI track in the timeline
Navigator window draggable handles
Fixed installation problems on Windows 98-ME-2000

ok, but still, what’s the navigator for? and why is 1825 30 megabytes but the others are only 5?

I think 1825 included the full .net framework distributable whereas by 1826 Flavio had figured out how not to include all of it.

I suppose if you’ve got a song with loads of tracks, then the Navigator does give you the ability to move around, zoom, etc. quickly; it’s not something that I’m going to be making much use of though.


1825 contained Microsoft’s .NET framework, which seems to be required for the navigator. (I’m not sure if that’s changed in build 1827 or not.)

The navigator is a thumbnail of the timeline. Moving the red box on the navigator allows you to zoom to any location on the timeline.

I guess it could be kind of handy, but I’d rather be able to middle click on the timeline itself and navigate (like in a web browser).

…Yeah, what he said!!!

until I have a dual monitor setup, I don’t think I’ll use it either. too much desktop space is gone already with all the vu meters and mixer and such.

Sorry guys, I’m not in a postion right now to experiment or I would love to take a look. The best that I can do now is come to the froum to see what ya’all are sayin about the new beta.
Same with Jamstix, sounds intresting but I’ll have to experiment later. One thing I like alot about Jamstix is that Ralph Zeuner has a poll on the jamstix forum and asks members and users if they would like a specific feature added to the program. It would be nice if Flavio could do something like that. I know that I won’t be going along with any programs that require connecting to the internet, for regestration or otherwise. :)