Totally useless thing to do

but its fun

i know its a totally useless thing to do and that nobody would ever want to do this but if you are looking for something different try this -

insert wave file into timeline -

left click on text near green arrow (playback speed control) on transport toolbar - set speed in popup menu to 0.5x (half forward speed) hit play and VERY SLOWLY drag arrow to the left till speed shows about 0.31 (really slow) stop playback and save as wave file - N will save the track at speed you have set - if you search through your tracks and find a suitable one this can be very effective for greating ambiant backgrounds to other songs -

Dr J

Hey, that’s cool. sort of like bending a toy keyboard or an SK-1 or whatever to play very slowly. :)

In the right hands, very useful. I love audio samples for just such uses!

And in the wrong hands… ? :D

What about the left hands? :D

Who cares about southpaws, really? :D I actually used this idea (or something similar, anyway) to create a slowdown effect of the word “reversal” in my song “Total Photonic Reversal.” Check it out: