Track Automation

in Bata where is Track Automation?

In the Bata build, I can’t find the Track automation that allows fader movements to be recorded during playback.
Anyone found it? It was on the Transport

Hi Bax,
in the new version of n-Track we’he moved the automation controls from the transport to the top of the namebar (the bar on the left side of the tracks).
The button icons are the same, so you should easy recognize them.


I still can’t find it - build 3325. On the left hand box at the far left of the wav form display I see: Minimize/restore track, Track number and x for remove track, mute, solo, freeze, record. The record button does not list the Automation for faders. The Live input icon comes up when a track is set to record.
Could post a picture of the Icon and it’s location?
PS. not sure why you decided to place it in the left hand box. It would seem to me it would be easier to find and use if it were under the fader, or on the Fader display somewhere ( I know the farder strip is getting crowded.


this is the screenshot:

I finally found it!
A couple of things:
Somehow I turned off the Left Hand Track Bar -I could NOT find how to turn it on or how I turned it off. Where is this done.
I reset to default to restore it.
Then it ran a search for effects and I got the following error:
vstscan32.exe - System Error
The program can’t start because libiomp5md.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem.
I did not reinstall as the effects were there and worked when I ran the program.

The new Menu for the automation Bar is hard to see - it is the same color as the everything else. Can you put color on the icons or the background to make it show up more?
The Enable/Disable effects processing seems to effect nothing except the volume envelope which appears when the Icon is activated. It does not seem to change effects active on the track.