Track editing newbi Q

how to ?

I’ve searched the forum for ‘track movement’… I can’t think of what else to look for.

I opened a bunch of wav files, trimmed off the first 3 minutes and ‘cut’ them.

How do I get the remainder of the tracks to move to the left in the tracking screen?

And is that listed somewhere in the manual? I couldn’t find it specifically.

Short answer… gotta go out…

Hold down the CNTRL key and, in the timeline line, use the mouse to drag the track. Use SHIFT-click to highlight multiple drags before dragging.

Click on the the black 4 headed arrow icon onthe toolbar (next to the white pointer arrow), so you don’t have to hold CNTRL while dragging. Click on the white arrow icon to cancel that mode of editing.

OR double-click the track and change the offset int he properties to 00:00:00 or whatever.

gtg, hth


Also (for future reference), you can hold Shift when you do the Cut and it will automatically scoot the remaining bits to the left. Very handy.