Track Mixer and Master Mixer

I am running Windows XP, 32-bit. I have just upgraded to 6.1.2 (2830).

I had the Master Mixer and the Selected Track Mixer both visible and docked together. However, the contents of the Selected Track Mixer was a duplicate of the Master Mixer window. Any change I made to either mixer was simultaneously reflected in the other mixer window. I un-docked the Selected Track Mixer and it stopped duplicating the Master Mixer settings, but now any adjustments (level, add effects, etc.) made in the Selected Track Mixer have no effect on the selected track. I re-docked the Selected Track Mixer and that made no difference. Its adjustments still do not affect the selected track.

The Master Mixer adjustments work fine.

Previous versions of n-track worked fine.

Before I go any further and report a bug, is anyone else seeing any similar problems with the Selected Track Mixer? Is there anything else I should check?

Okay, this is strange… Later in the day I opened n-track again and now the Selected Track Mixer is working correctly. I did not change anything or reboot. I simply relaunched n-track to make further checks and it is working correctly. But, as the saying goes, “what goes away by itself can come back by itself.” So, I don’t feel confident that this is a resolved problem.