track mixer controls

Hello, I have been using N-track for about 2 months with out any problems till now. When I click on track mixer controls I get a big empty shaded screen. I can get back to the track/ recording screen by using the tab button, but I no longer have access to controling the volume of the tracks. Clicking on view / mixer I was able to get a different type of mixer screen but the slider faders are not there. There are volume dials but they are not easy to control. I arrived at this point because I was trying to reduce the size of the track mixer screen. Before I got to the big empty shaded screen I had a second master track fader . Can anyone help ?


If you right click on the mixer, this shows you which “types” of mixer are available on it and also allows you to configure them. With the new setup, you can have one mixer with everything on it, or you can have multiple mixers with various different elements on them. Play with these and you’ll see all the different options.