Track Names in MIDI Files

I’m using the latest version of n-Track on Windows 10.

I have a number of MIDI files that I had customized by Hit Trax in Australia. If I want to quickly hear one of these MIDI files, I use Sweet MIDI Player for Windows. This player shows each instrument used in the MIDI file like drums, guitar, piano, etc. on each track in the MIDI file.

If I open the same MIDI file in n-Track, each track is shown, but n-Track doesn’t automatically show the names of the instruments for each track like Sweet MIDI Player does. Only my MIDI output is shown for each track (MIDI 4X4). In addition, n-Track won’t let me re-name the tracks from MIDI 4X4 to the various instrument names.

Is there a way to get n-track to automatically show the MIDI file’s individual track instrument names? Or, at least, is there a way to get n-Track to let me re-name the individual tracks to correspond with the track instrument names so I’ll know which track is playing which instrument?

There’s probably a simple answer for this. I hope so. Thanks in advance! Aloha from my home in Honolulu, HI.