track properties - window

Hello everyone! :) I’m new here and pleasantly surprised to find a forum for n-track users. I’ve been using n-track for quite a while but with mostly older versions. I’ve recently purchased 7 and am not too fond of it. But I’ll stick with it for awhile and see how it goes. I’ve already ran into a situation that I can’t get an answer for from the n-track manual. I’m going to try and attach a pic from my old computer which is using n-track 5, but the problem I have is really on the new computer (which is solely for recording and not connected to internet and is using latest version of n-track 7) it’s for some reason showing only half the options for the properties window in some tracks but not others. In one song I’m working on 18 tracks but only three of them show the window on the right of the pic. The other fifteen tracks show just a graph, like the Master Track properties on the left. Question is how do I enable all the tracks to be like the one on the right???

If any one can help with this issue… thanks a ton in advance!


Hi, Unbalanced. I’m guessing the tracks without the Comp’ etc are midi tracks. Go to the main mixer to pull-up the channels that the synths are running through.

TonyR ----> Thank you! Hope I can be of help in the future as well.