track settings/compressor at startup


when i installed the v5…there was a navigator, a eq and a compressor in the right pane…the navigator is selectable…but…the compressor and eq seemed to be linked to the individual tracks or master depending on what you were clicked on at the time…it displayed “track 1 settings” or “master settings” in the header…but the eq and compressor were not shown in any track…is this just a glitch from the install…after you close them…they go away and won’t come back…so i figured it was a switch left set to “on” by the install…
other than that…installed new build…seems to work so far…


Open the track mixer…
On each track, below the fader, is a colored box to the left of 3 tiny pots. This is where you open/close the EQ/Compressor, click once to close, once to open.

On the aux channels, and on the mains, in the Mains mixer, you’ll see the same colored box. Its the same thing.

It’s not a glitch, or a bug. Its the way N-Track functions.

I think that by default N has a comp and eq on every track.
You can change them or delete them as default at startup. Don’t have the machine here so I can’t tell you how…wait its coming back to me. Right click on the wrench icon on the comp and go from there. I think.

Also, be aware that the “Always On” compreesor does not actually DO anything unless you load a preset or manually adjust the ratio control. The “Always On” effect can be changed to something else if you like as well. Click the little wrench icon in the window to see what options can be changed.


PS Yep. What allday said…

i was just wondering way it was displayed…thanks…things have changed a little since 3.3…which is what i have been using…skipped the 4.x because of reports of unstableness…5.x seems to be stable enough…just have to look and see how it has changed…hope they update the manual soon.

There’s also an “always on” effect for the aux channels. By default this is the n-track reverb, “large hall” preset. Be aware of that before inserting effects on an aux channel.