trail vursion metronome

I havn’t bought it yet but I’m having probs with the metronome.It isnt steady at all.Is this because its a trial vursion?Other than that,I want to buy it.Thanks for any help.Rick

The problems you are having isn’t related to this being the trial version or even n-Tracks itself. I’m making one big assumption.

It all depends on what MIDI device you are using. If you are using The Microsoft GS Wavetable Synth then you are using a software synth that has a lot of latency and jitter. It’s not acceptable for use as the metronome, and for the most part isn’t that good for recording in general. It’s main purpose is to give a reasonably consistent MIDI experience on machines that otherwise don’t have it. This is a very common problem with the MS GS Synth, but it’s something it wasn’t designed for…unfortunately. It’s good for playing crappy MIDI files from web pages. 'Nuff said there. (ok…it does have a few sounds that can be made sound good is you really tweak them…a lot)

There are ways around it. One is to use an external MIDI module, which is what I do.

There may be other ways as well, but since I have an external module I better let someone else pipe in. I’ll screw it up. :)

What is a good (cheep) midi modual?

SB Live

Sorry, I was going out the door and didn’t expand on the idea.

For a MIDI module all you need is a soundcard that has an onboard hardware synth. I said SB Live because I know a lot of us still have those (or some other PCI soundcard) installed just for the MIDI and nothing else. Doing this remove the dependency on the MSGSWTSynth for MIDI and thus the latency problems associated with any software synth are avoided.

The old Sound blaster pci 128 (ct 4750) have an onboard hardware synth and will do the trick they are very cheap on ebay.…hosting

I have one just for simple midi use alongside a Delta card for the audio.


Thanks Nick.Just got one off ebay for 11.95.I’ll check it out.