Trample on Roses

Been a while gang…sorry I haven’t been around…new baby and all that!!

Really nice “ear worm”. Worth the wait, as usual.

You are using synths in a more sophisticated way. :)

Thanks for the listens chaps :agree:

Post here and we guarantee at least three people will listen. :)

:laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

Wow!!..What a nice tune, a fine flare of Spanish warm sunshine. Boy…you sure are getting good. :agree:


:agree: Thanks Paco!

Your welcome… Stay tuned, I’ll be releasing my next album “WASTED” in the next few days. Mastering is complete.


I like the vocal and spanish guitar sound, very clean. Good performance and production of a well crafted atmospheric song. Good stuff :agree:

:agree: Thanks for the listen there P!