Transpose Midi

Does anybody know of an easy way (or some free/cheap software) to transpose an entire midi file in one go ? Some of my midi backing tracks are quite big and it takes ages to transpose a track at a time.

Many thanks

Get a notation package that does transposition.

I use Melody Assistant ($20 ) but many other packages will also do it.

Check for music software links.

Ages to transpose a track at a time? I assume you are using the little transpose feature in N-track? With 10-20 tracks it shouldn’t take more than a minute to do them all. Just wondering if you had missed that feature.

Any midi authoring software worth its salt will have a transposation feature. You have to figure out the settings sometimes, but a search of the manual should explain everything in no time. That is one of the good things about doing midi authoring as opposed to traditional composition. :)