Trouble Fading In/Out

Maybe be simple fix

Sorry if this sounds dumb, I’m SUPER new to this editing stuff and can’t communicate everything 100%. Hopefully it’s maybe a simple fix.

I am having trouble fading my tracks in and out (trying to use the program for podcast editing)

I tried moving the volume envelope all over and no fade.

I moved the thing that turns the track green and fades, but I would like it to be a sharper fade.

Any suggestions simple or otherwise?

There are icons along the top, 2 of them are the fade in and fade out. The icons look like little ski slopes. Up and down.


Hey thanks finally found them last night! They didn’t do exactly what I wanted but I did figure something out with a split.


You can draw volume envelopes by clicking on the icon that looks like a wedge. It's on the main tool bar. A line ( normally green) will be drawn by the program in the center of the way form display (track display). You click on that line and place “nodes” on the line. By placing the nodes you can make a log fade or a very abrupt one.
Additional info: tun the envelope by clicking in the Arrow icon on the tool,bar.
In the left hand box, the area just left of the wav track display, there are three changeable boxes: track name, output channel , and envelope selection where you can chanhpge the envelope from volume, pan, Aux. you may have to drag the track larger by dragging the bottom of the track display.
Hope this helps,