trouble opening the"Syncronization dialog box"

I am trying to work with SMPTE/MTC, yet I am having trouble finding it. When I look in the self help on the program it shows an unavailable icon. Please help me to find more on this subject!


Menu: Edit / Settings / MTC/MIDI Clock sync
Click the help button in that dialog.

One HUGE gotcha is that the Enable buttons absolutely don’t look enabled when they are. When the are disabled on my machine they look like they have a blue box around them. When truly enabled the blue goes away and they look almost disabled, or like a button that has lost focus. When the mouse if over the button the blue or not-blue changes to orange, no matter the enabled state. This is a major UI problem with n-Tracks design and I consider it a bug. This is one place that checks REALLY should be used instead of toggle buttons, just like the other checks in the same dialog.