Trouble with forum navigation

Anyone else?

I am having some problems with the Ntrack forum. When I select a topic to read - MS Internet Explorer first displays a notice that the page is not available, then I select “return to previouse page” and it takes me to the page I wanted.
This is only happening on this site.
Does MS Explorer 7 have some feature that is causing this, or is there a problem with the site, or my computer or what?

I use IE7 and it has ho problems specific to this forum that I know of. I have 5 tabs selected as home pages and IE7 will hang occasionally when being opened for the first time. Seems it gets stuck trying to open all 5 pages at the same time.

Try clearing out you internet cache. While that shouldn’t help…it will force reloading the pages at next visit. Any problems may be more obvious next time around.

I’ve definitely run into issues where sites are slow or offline but they would still open quick at first, then behave odd or not at all, since the cached pages were the only ones being displayed. (your problem doesn’t sound like that problem)

You may also what to delete all cookies (or even ALL history).