Two For Diogenes


OK, D, I posted the correct version of “I’m Waiting for the Program to Install” and I did some vocals this afternoon for a faux 60s protest song that will now be known as “We Could Really Use a Man Like Herbert Marcuse Again.” Do listen. I am to amuse. :D

Man, Tom, you are like an indie-rock hit making machine. Two more winners. History was never my strong subject, so I may have to look a little further into Mr Marcuase to see what that song’s all about.

I like the whistling part.

I think the only part you forgot in “I’m Waiting for the Program to Install” was a couple of reboots, one ambigous error message, and perhaps a blue screen between you and movie-stardom :)

Agreed… I had to Wiki Herbert Marcuse I’m embarassed to admit… :D

Tom Spademan - renaissance man who woulda been rich if only he’d been born twenty years earlier! You know what they say… Timing is EVERYTHING!


Hmm…never heard of Marcuse…One Dimensional Man was sort of children’s lit for me…still a good if flawed read…not that kind of optimism about humanity’s future anymore…at least you get the reference to “Those Were the Days” from All in the Family? :)

HotDog, I think the video will have to include all that stuff. :D


Hmm…never heard of Marcuse…One Dimensional Man was sort of children’s lit for me…

Well I did do a LOT of reading as a young ‘un but mostly sci-fi and tech stuff. I grew up in a full-time electronics repair business and a part-time farming business. (Well, the farming wasn’t really a business per se’… unless you call EATING a business!) :D Wouldn’t trade it for nothin’ though. Funny how people in different regions and socio-economic strata are exposed to different information during their younger, formative years.

Music is universal though… a good tune is always a good tune! Keep rockin’ Tom.


Tom, I just checked them all. Lots of good songwriting going on here, IMO. Being a noisy SOB I especially took a liking to I’ll Go Anywhere :)
BUT - how can a Beatles freak like yourself publicly admit that you prefer your songs without bridges? Huh?
I’m a sucker for good bridges, partially because I find them DANG hard to write, but that’s just me ???
I won’t comment on the sound as you say you see these recordings as sketches to be played by a real band someday, but there are some cool guitars in there :)

Who’s the scallywag who said I was a Beatles freak! :D

Nah, I’m just in an anti-bridge phase. I’ll come out of it.

Hey, D., I think I would have liked growing up in an electronics business. That would have been very cool. And I bet we’ve read a lot of the same fiction. Lots of sf.

I listened to “Far beyond” this morning, great singing!and very cool sound. Got to leave for work now, I’ll be back to listen to more.

Hey Tom,

I didn’t realize that you had some many songs finished & publiched. I’m going to check them out as time allows, but I loved “I’m waiting…”!

Soul toker, I have hundreds and hundreds. Writing songs isn’t hard. Writing good ones, unfortunately, is. :D

Ya want I should send you a CD or 2?

Sure - please send me a CD. I sent you one of mine, so we’ll be even :)