Two New Tunes

A rock n’ roller and a country tune

I probably look like a tweaker posting two songs with cocaine in them, but #### if that word doesn’t just roll off the tongue…

Anyhoo… hope you like ‘em - both done w/ n-track. First one is my band, second one is just me having some fun.

Rock n’ Roll:
Looker - Since the Coke Ran Out (You Ain’t Seemed Right)

Bob Lefevre - Every Song Sounds the Same


Wrote and recorded a new country one yesterday/today. No cocaine… just a lot of godawful bad times. :)

Comments welcome:

Bob Lefevre - She Don’t Wanna Make Records

For “Don’t wanna make records”,

I would add more harmony vocals to the chorus. It is kinda a long song so I would add something later in the song to make it more interesting. Adding a fiddle over the second half of the song would add some depth and break up the song a bit.

For the ending, I would change the vocal notes to something different. You end vocally with "ain’t (B) movin’ (A F#) on (A F#). How about "ain’t (G) movin (F# E) on (F# E D) so that you end on the root note of the song and give it more finality.

Keith :)

Since the Coke Ran Out

You call this a rocker??? I agree. The guitar, bass and drums are awesome! I also think your voice is perfect for the song. I only notice some slight intonation problems with the vocals. However, with this song nobody will notice because they will be rockin :angry:

You may want to think about adding some lead licks in the song. The lead guitar solo could be a bit louder. It is difficult to hear all of that shredding over the rhythm guitar.

I wouldn’t end the song there. Let the lead fade by itself. Come bay in with the drums and then rock out some more.

You might ending with the B A D progression and the vocal part “you ain’t seemed right”, “You ain’t seemed right”, “you ain’t seemed right to me”. Then end abruptly B A D DDDD!


Every Song Sounds the Same

You can’t fool me. Tweaker?

I love the feel of this song. It is actually a very happy sounding song except for the lyrics.

A harmonica would be a nice touch even though I normally not a fan of the harp.

I like the ending on this song. I sounds very final.

Nice job on all the songs. Keep posting

Keith :D

Thanks for the comments:
…Records - Man… my fiddlin’ skills are pretty shabby these days, but I might see if I can get one in there that sounds decent. I could probably put some mandolin in there instead that would come off better.

Since the coke… - Yeah, the ending on this recording is abrupt and misplaced… the way we’ve been playing it live is to go back to the E - E - F# - G - A - B thing that is at the end of the chorus parts right there… it wraps it up nice.

Every Song… I’ve gotten pretty good response to this one all around. Sorry… but I ain’t addin’ any harmonicas… can’t stand ‘em. :D

Glad you liked them, and thanks for the comments. I wrote a new one today and will upload and link to it tomorrow… it’s kind of a country/old style rock n’ roll song called ‘Let’s Try and Work It Out’.

The rock track sounds very professional. Great tones on the guitars and the vocals are excellent. The guitar solo seems a touch too low in the mix and there’s noise after the song ends that needs to be trimmed off.

“Every Song Sounds the Same” is pretty cool. It has kind of a lo-fi feel at the beginning, but the mix sounds great when the electric stuff comes in. I thought the backup vocals could be a little more prominent, especially on the chorus. I liked the harmonica idea that Sax had.

“Records” starts off with an awesome sound at the beginning - it’s an extremely professional sounding mix. The rhythm guitar sounds very full. When the lead vocals come in, they don’t quite fit the mix as well - sort of a thin or flat feel to it - not sure how to fix it, a different reverb setting perhaps. Wish I could explain better.

Overall, all three tracks sound very impressive from a production standpoint. Great job!!

Thanks for the comments… I know what you are saying with the vocals on ‘Records’… not sure what to do there, but they definitely don’t ‘sit’ exactly right… I recorded them w/ an SM57… I might give it a try w/ my Octava Mk319, but I’ve never really gotten a good recording with it… I think because I don’t know what I’m doing with it. :)

Here’s that third tune: