U.S. Lost 1.5 Mln Jobs to China in 1989-2003



The study estimates that imports from China displaced 1.659 million jobs between 1989 and 2003, while exports to that country generated only 199,000 additional U.S. jobs.

With no end in sight…

Anybody teach me to speak Mandarin?


But now we have cheap LD condensor microphones. Isn’t that an equal trade?

Yeah & they’re made by political/economic systems, socialism & communism, that we despise! When you don’t like something & want to change something, what’s one thing you can do - boycott them!

Quote (Mr Soul @ Jan. 11 2005,15:02)
Yeah & they're made by political/economic systems, socialism & communism, that we despise! When you don't like something & want to change something, what's one thing you can do - boycott them!

While I can definitley hear where you are coming from.... boycotting Chinese manufactured products would mean running around naked and not using ANY electronic gadgets at all. (Well... that may be a little extreme....)

We have done it to ourselves fellers...............


Well, I guess I’m not totally against the naked thing, at least in the summer, but I dunno about the gadget thing. Hmm. We could dress ourselves in non-functioning chinese microphones…sort of an art thing.

Well, you could always invade… make it part of the US.

This is the dark side of the great deals on Studio Projects gear… I’m guilty: C-1, B-3, and VTB-1…

But it wasn’t my purchases that put anyone here out of a job… Right? ???

“you could always invade and make it” Willy-Goood on ya

Yeah, and you could also put in a price to build all their nuclear reactors, and hope that a US design/build team takes the bid!

Do a “google” on sanmen power plant and see who is bidding. US has a lot going on in China that you might not be aware of.

I’m very much a part of this, and global world economy is very good for ALL of us…maybe it could slow down some wars?

I personally luv the “world economy” and bidding to international developers, GC’s and the like. I find it dismal that Contrack Intl just pulled out of Iraq because of security impossibilties.

I find it great that Halliburton- Kellogg Brown Root is still in the middle east and trying to make it work. I’m right belong side them, I know the guys over there, and by god I’m happy that we can provide services over there. These people are some of the best engineers and construction guys I’ve ever dealt with.

These guys for the most part, probably dont want to be there, but they are great people taking a risk…so I salute them.

Some of you will not understand this, other ones will.


Hey chiller I understand that the working personel at that leve I’m sure are the good guys. It’s just that cheney and all the crappy guys at the top who are raking in the money on their risk and cheating us out of billions doing it is what offends most people. I despise the war and those that put us in there on a bunch of lies but I support the servicemen and women 100% we just gotta get em home before anymore die for no reason. workers yaaaaay!!!corporate ceo’s can KMA.

Wow, workers Yaaah.????
No, I’m going to stop here before I get too far. Yes, I’m happy that some companys are still working there.

No, I’m not happy with the security restrictions and that other major contractors are pulling out of the area.

But I am happy that KBR (Halliburton) is working there and supplying our troops with what they need.

THey bid on the project and came up as best bid, therefore they got the project. It has nothing to do with VP Cheney. Whether he makes money on this project is besides the point.

The “point” is:

-who is capable of this type of project bid

THey got it on tech merits plus $$

Greed again.

Anyway you want to slice it.:frowning:

Slightly OT but then again…

I was pleasantly surprised the other day when I called Event Electronics to RMA my monitors in for repair. The amps blew when we had a brownout. (Note to self…buy UPS or power conditioner.) Anyway, I was surprised to learn that Event monitors are one of the few lines left that are manufactured in the good ol’ US of A! They are great monitors too. I have really enjoyed working with them. Oh, even though it was “An Act of God”, they are going to repair them under warranty. How sweet is that?


Quote (Mr Soul @ Jan. 11 2005,15:02)
Yeah & they're made by political/economic systems, socialism & communism, that we despise! When you don't like something & want to change something, what's one thing you can do - boycott them!

Hey! Wasn't it you who was against the Flat tax option, that would have brought theses and many more jobs to our shores?
By decreasing the labor cost and eliminating Fed. income tax?
EDIT* well I don't remember if you we're against it, or just had some good points about it's pro's and con's, so I digress.

keep shinin'


OK check yer t-shirt tag and tell me how many of ya are wearing an American made t-shirt?

I just happen to be wearing a (Brand)Liberty t-shirt, Phases of the Moon, 100percent cotten, made in the good ol USA!:D

C’mon fess up, where is yers made at?

Took me 2 mins to get the darn thang over me head to view the tag too.:stuck_out_tongue:

Must be getting old.

The reason I’m asking is that the local news reported just this am another textile plant closing here in good ol NC, and another 500 jobs lost!

Hey Yaz,

I know what you mean. Our area used to be teeming with textile plants. Lee, Levi Strauss, Garan, Buster Brown etc… Starting about 1988-89…they started closing 'em down. There is virtually NOTHING left of the apparel textile business in these parts. It’s just a matter of time before MY job is shipped off to China. I give it five years or less if nothing changes.


Yep TG, lots of abandoned textile plants here. My work was shipped in via truckloads of illegal aliens(not Klingons either).

Add me to the list of jobs going overseas (to Asia). I will be out of my current position in about 6 months. :(

Hopefully this will lead to something better… and it better!