Unable to Pan

Recording techniques

Just upgraded to N-Track 6. I am not able to pan from one channel to the other. I know I probably clicked on something I shouldn’t have. Everything else works great, just can’t pan individual channels.

Are you saying you have a stereo track and you cannot pan Left and Right?

I thought it was a stereo track. I pan right and it’s still mono, pan left and the track disappears?

there is a setting for your soundcard somewhere in Ntrack that controls how tracks are treated during playback.

it’s possible the newer version could have reset things to a default setting.

dontcare :cool:

There ya go. It’s a new/refurbished computer. I’ll give that a try. Thanks!

n-TV6. Under the “pan” slider on each channel is a stereo/mono toggle button.

Thanks TonyR!

Did everything recommended and it works great. Thank you to all!!