Unable to use wavs plug ins

cannot use wav plug ins v14. can install 1/2 of them using v 13 0ff line installer,but that’s it. also have to be offline to install them as to defeat automatic updates.really frustrating.i downloaded a copy of reaper,and they all worked flawlessly. i’ve been using n-track since v3.0 and love the program,but if it can’t keep up with new software requirements,then i may have to switch(as much as i don’t want to)
any chance that n-track updates will include the option to use these newer plug ins?


I’ve tested some of the waves plugins v14 and they seem to work fine.
On which platform are you experiencing the issue? (Windows, Mac)
Could you point me to a specific plugin that I can test to reproduce the problem?

I’m not sure I have understood "also have to be offline to install them as to defeat automatic updates”.
Which automatic updates? Are you referring to the Waves central app?


yes-the waves central app seems to randomly try to update only some of the plug ins to v 14.one example would be jjp drum plug in. a couple of the ekramer plug ins also won’t work.


I’ve tested the plugins you reported and they seem to work properly on both Windows and Mac.
Could you please better detail the issue? The plugins open but don’t work or you cannot load them because they don’t even appear in the effects list?
Should they are not even listed in the effects list, does n-Track report any kind of error during the plugins scan?
On which platform (Windows, Mac) does the problem occur?