uhhg. can’t ‘undo’

I accidently deleted a track that I didn’t want deleted… luckily I sent it to the recycle bin. Why can’t a ctrl-z or an undo bring the file back? Seems to delete the info from the .sng file and the only way to get the .wav file back is to import the missing file and align it by hand. Is this normal? I’m using 4… can’t remember the build right now… I’m at work. Seems like undo should … well… undo.

using V5 undo will re-insert a removed track- BUT it depends how you have set up N to behave when removing a trackthat matters -
in Prefs/options - tick ask to delete wave files -
when you remove a track a popup will appear - set this to move track to re-cycle bin and leave original on hard drive - then tick the just do it box - HOWEVER if the track you have removed is one you have just created ,you have to save the song or better mix track down to a permanent wave file before removing it, this makes sure that N has a reference point from where to pick up the track and where to refurn the track to, otherwise (as remove track calls a Windows function) there will be no way back for the track and you have to do as you do now - -

Dr J