Unexpected elements in mixdown when using speed change

I’ve recently had an issue when mixing down a song with the playback speed slightly increased (by 10%) and with pitch locked. I notice some unexpected noises (time unrelated parts of some track(s) in the mix I think) in the mixdown. These breakthrough events are few and short but obviously render the mixdown unusable. If I switch off the speed increase then the problem goes away. I’ve managed to work-around the problem by mixing down at normal speed, then importing the mix into a separate N-Track session and using this to generate a new mixdown at the slightly increased speed. Although this works fine it is a bit tedious to do. The noises do not appear during normal playback of the song (even at the increased speed) and also don’t come out over the playback if I use mixdown while playing. They are, however still on the resulting wav mixdown in this situation. Has anyone seen this problem or advise about this issue?

Hello Steve,

did you change the speed of the whole song (from the control in the bottom toolbar)? or the speed of the channel/part from the channel/part properties? Could you please send to andrea@ntrack.com the mixdown which manifests the problem?


Further to email communications with Andrea at N-Track, this issue now fixed with latest release (build 5385). Tried my ‘problem’ song with this build and now have no sign of breakthrough; so looks like it was a genuine issue. Thanks to Andrea and the N-Track team for such excellent support.

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If it’s really been fixed - it would be awesome. Generally I experience quite a few things with “flexible time” for the last couple of years.
I haven’t contacted support team in this issue since I found stable enough technique to solve those “glitches” or “breakthroughs” which happens to work 100%.

Just thought it may be useful to someone who decided to stick with the older version / holding on updating the app for whatever reason.

So in the case I am talking about, those mistiming and glitches basically happened when two parts (regions) of audio stand side by side to each other on the timeline on the same channel , basically “touching” each other with no timegap between them (same as when you loop a region, just by dragging the region by loop widget - :arrows_counterclockwise: ) AND one or both of those parts are tweaked to be played back at different rate relatively to each other - one of them is 1.00x and the second one is 0.75x for example.

So my solution is just as simple as creating a very tiny gap between those parts - usually I switch off the grid snap, zoom the point of this “touch” to a sample level scale and shorten the first of the regions by 1 sample - that’s basica b lly enough to avoid any unwanted artifacts while playing back as well as in offline mixdown procedure.

Hope that info helps anyone who may have similar issues.

As for the last message in thread - regarding the fix - will check if you’re talking about the same issue with couple of my “problematic” song files that showed the simialar behavior. It will be really awesome if this one has been properly addressed in the latest update.