uninstall issue

cant delete old file

i think its mainly a machine problem,but i cannot get new versions to install right,for example,new version 5 still comes up as version 5 beta,splash says nt 4,dosent ask me for registration,ive uninstalled it with windows installer clean up but that dosent get rid of all files,theres 2 files in particular that i think may be a hang up,but when i go to delete,it says i cant because they are being used by another person or program,these 2 files are in mydocuments and settingsfiles are named NTUSER and ntuser dat,any ideas? this is on my xp pro machine,i have another machine that has 98 on it and that works like its spoosed to, :( ???the xp pro machine installs the same file but it comes up as build 2125,not 2135,

Hi wozz:
I’m reading your post… ???

Why have I been so fortunate? sloom and I have had our TO-DO’s back at 2039-2042

This upgrade went so easy… I had my fingers crossed when I entered the v5 codes… But the yes screen came up so fast that I thought I had a new machine… :laugh: I know … One Day… I’m gonna pay for all this good luck… I can see it comming…

I couldn’t afford another machine right now… Anyway, I don’t mind using the crank on the side of this P-111 anyway… It’s good exercise…

I’d like to know what’s in this machine thar makes it run. like it does… ??? :O :laugh:

You’ll discover the answer to what it’s doing…


i believe it s just this certain machine bill,cause my old machine does it right,i get asked for new reg codes and all,but my other machine,which is the one i want to use does not,grrrrrrrrr,lol,my new machine is comming this week i hope,thgen ill have a whole new set of troubles i can imagine,as it has no OS,plus the potatoes are still calling my name,and i dont have time to do jack!

plus,to add insult to injury,my Green Bay Packers will prolly get whipped today by the Detroit Lions,:angry:

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What a way to go…

Ya gotta make hay while the potatoes shine… :laugh: :p

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Wozz, the ntuser.dat file holds all of the data relating to your user profile.
It is a protected file and must not be deleted, it is essential for correct operation of windows.

Sometimes the file hangs on to old information, but you can usually get rid by using a program like Ccleaner to remove redundant and orphaned files from the registry.

Remember to back the registry up first though, just in case you nuke something vital :angry:


Steve is on the right track here, bud. NTUser.dat and NTUser.dat.log files are protected Windows system files. They should be inside your profile folder that’s in Documents And Settings. You mentioned My Documents, but that may have been a typo.

Anyway, don’t delete them. If you have reason to believe they’ve become corrupted, you could always create a new profile. If you decide you want to try that, let me know, and i’ll post more complete instructions.

As for reinstalling N…
- Add/Remove Programs
- Select all versions of N (1 at a time) and click Remove
- Reboot
- Move the Fasoft and/or nTrack folders to your Desktop. You may need them later
- Run a registry cleaner. Steve suggested CCleaner, and i’d agree. Run Scan For Issues on the Issues tab until it doesn’t find any more issues.
- Reboot
- Install N ver5 fresh
- Copy VSTs from old Fasoft folder to new Fasoft folder

Hope this helps.


you guys are too cool,that worked real easy man,thanks loads,hope your around when im gettin my new machine together,lol,
its guys like you that make Ntrack an even better deal:laugh: :D