University at 36?

I’m personally deeply insulted by that Tony. :laugh:


I reckon Craig has made his mind up? Am I right? It was never a uni/prac' choise just a decision in the right direction. Go for it.

Nah, we made up his mind for him. :)

Yup thanks guys.

I just didn’t want to make a fool of myself… :;):

The registration process has begun :agree:

We just patted the appropriate back.

You registered yet, Craig (“here, sir”)? Get on with it :laugh:

“Tom S! Stop yacking - and get some tunes done”

Geez, I haven’t recorded anything for about a week.
stupid holidays…

Knock 'em dead, Craig!

Here you go , Craig

Essential bit o’ kit :laugh:

Oooh, that looks like a christmas present to me…

Quote: (TomS @ Nov. 30 2009, 10:10 AM)

Bill, I dunno if "Uni" means something different where you guys are, but here that idea that it is part of the cycle birth-school-work-death has sort of gone out the window.
Here it's meant for whoever wants to do it.
Age has become progressively less and less relevant.

If it is study for the sake of study - to broaden one's mind - I would agree with that.

If it is study that is essential to pursue a chosen career path - one must have law school to practice law (wasn't always that way) - I would agree with that.

If it is to excel in a "practical" area in which one already has some grounding - I would not agree with it. In that case University would be a poor choice, in my opinion.

I worked an (old world) three year apprenticeship for a nominal wage.
Two years in, I found myself working along side guys 'n' gals who had attended college for one year who entered at my level. They were crap.

Of course, they caught up, in time. Five years down the line, they were more employable because of their greater and more condenced and accessible technical knowledge.

Craig!? So it's the hands-on thing? When d'you start? What's it cost?

Good bit of kit there Tony :)

Applications gone in for a ten week taster course on the music business, and after that I fancy the NCFE Level 1 Performing Arts in Music course which is run by industry pros that have worked with Celine Dion, Shania Twain, The Chemical Brothers, Lionel Ritchie and the Spice Girls.

Cost is just
£300 and I get concessions :agree:

The first is just to assess opportunities and see where I want to go with this.

If accepted I start in early Jan!!


Are The Chemical Bro’s the odd one out? :laugh: (no more Orbital. Sad loss)

Many moons ago, I swapped recording time at a NIRA studio/school for soldering duty. The main desk had to be moved a metre - so a new loom needed. I’m at one end, the in-house monkey at the other. By 9.30am we were almost done and Mik Kahn is due at 10. Bollox!!! The monkey had threaded all the connector caps the wrong way round.


That's great..
Patience-and-time is thrown out the door on a rush job..